Altwork Station Review: When is a Worktable not a Worktable?

This is a follow up post to my Altwork Station Preview that I posted a while back.

Most office work these days tend to involve a desk, a PC, and a chair. Despite the various advancements in ergonomics, not all work desks are comfortable. But then again, there’s always Altwork. It’s so different that just about every Altwork Station review raves about it.

It’s not really a matter of whether the Altwork is effective. It IS. The main objection, right now, is that it is rather expensive. It starts at about $4,000 and with customization options the cost can go up to $6,000. Still, if you get it as a gift (from someone who loves you a lot) then you’ll probably be thrilled to put it in your office.

Here are the highlights: Continue reading “Altwork Station Review: When is a Worktable not a Worktable?”

Gucci Backpack with Interlocking Buckle Review

Gucci Backpack with Interlocking Buckle Review

Product: Gucci Backpack with Interlocking G Detail 246321 in Beige/Brown

Do you see this bag? Just look at it for a second. Really look at it. Do you see its simplicity? But yet you see it’s uniqueness? What about the material? No, it’s a not a regular fabric, no. The size is quite large too, don’t you think? Enough to carry anything and everything you possibly could need, right? This brand and product is not for the ordinary. No, but it is the extraordinary people, doing a little extra, with ordinary things.

If you already own something from Gucci, you’d understand me when I say that the standards at which this company holds their products at and which they create them is stunning. Don’t believe me? Go to a Gucci store and ask them about one of their handbags? Ask them about that shirt in the window and whats its made of. They will tell you that they make their products to last, a lifetime even, that they put thought and reasoning behind the products they create. This is why, I now own, this particular back pack from Gucci. And I bought it while my girlfriend was at the Nordstrom Trend Show…hehehe. Continue reading “Gucci Backpack with Interlocking Buckle Review”