Bee’s Blog

“You can’t buy any major product without doing your research about it first!”

This is what my other half always tells me to do. Over time I understood the benefits of doing some research and due diligence of product or service first before purchasing it on impulse.

It helps with several things. One major benefit is that it’ll help have you money!!! Here’s how:

  • Doing research on a product or service before you purchase allows you to filter out purchasing crap and therefore you won’t waste your time and/or money. Doing research first also gives you time to come down from that shopper’s high and wanting to buy something because it’ll make you feel good.
  • You’ll think more rationally about the purchase in question. Questions of: “Do I really need it”, or “can I wait” will get answered during this time. And the answers with likely deter you from spending your money on the item(s)/service in question.
  • Often times doing research before you purchase an item or go with a service, you’ll find a cheaper and/or better variation of it. In result, you’ll get more value for your money.

Knowing this and having practicing what my other half has told me, I’ve found product review blogs very helpful in doing my research and due diligence about products and services that I was interested in purchasing. And I’ve saved a whole lot of money.

So, I’ve decided to begin my own review blog to contribute to the web my very own opinions of products, services, and anything else in between, so that maybe people out there will find it helpful and it’ll contribute to their decisions.

Come here for Bee’s (me) latest product and service reviews. Don’t buy anything without reading it!