Apple AirPods Review

My apologies for the delay in posts. I started a new job working for an Oahu t-shirt printing company (Plan B Printing). But, I’m back with another review! Hopefully I’ll make time to post more often. Enjoy!

In 2016, Apple announced the launch of 4 pairs of wireless headphones. These were in line with the company’s belief that wireless is better. Three of those headphones bore the Beats brand, which were all about style and not really about audio quality. But fans (and critics) were more interested in the AirPods. How good is it? Let’s find out in this Apple AirPods review.

Here are the most important bits of info you need to know about it:

  • The design is fantastic. The case itself is small, so it can fit in your pocket. It’s very white, so it’s easy to find in your bag. The earbuds are locked in magnetically so they won’t shake loose. The earbuds can last for 5 hours straight, and the case can recharge them fully in just 15 minutes or so.
  • It sounds great. This is one reason why audiophiles don’t care much for the Beats brand. It’s because that brand is dedicated to hip and coolness and not so much on sound quality. But it’s different with the AirPods.

This pair of earphones actually produces very good sound quality. According to Apple, there’s not much of a difference between the AirPods and the EarPods, but for the discerning it’s not really true. The AirPod sound seems much more dynamic, especially with the base.  Continue reading “Apple AirPods Review”

The Big Baby Bottle Battle

For new mommies and very established mommies too, I’ve got a list that you can take into consideration or comment on whats been great for you. I’ve done some research for you and I have a few bottles I think is in this smackdown battle of bottle domination. This is the best of the best. This is taking other mommy reviews, the bottles bought, and of course its functionality and what makes it best for our little precious ones.

Dr Brown Bottles

First one up is Dr. Browns Bottles. They have a patented venting system specifically designed to keep air bubbles from being swallowed by your baby.  How this works is first the air enter the bottle collar and moves through the vent system.  Then the air moves through the the tubing and bypasses the milk and to the end of the bottle. This vent prevents the aeration of the milk inside the bottle, nipple collapse, and vacuum pressure. All while your baby feeds freely, happily, just like breastfeeding with no upset tummies.  What do you think about this contender? Continue reading “The Big Baby Bottle Battle”

An Infant Car Seat & Stroller in One? Say Whaaa?


Yes I did say stroller and car seat, in one. This was an excellent find for me and my family. I know there are parents out there looking for a less bulky way around town and the grocery store, etc. Ever heard of the Doona Car Seat and Stroller? The price is a little up there but it makes sense for a two in one item such as this. The quality of the Doona and what its made of also is a reason why the price is a little up there. It’s worth every penny to a busy parent.

The Doona was made to be easy for parents. With an easy push of a button unfold the car seat to a stroller. No more taking the car seat out and carrying it around. No more attaching the big car seat to a stroller. Forget about taking your baby out of the car seat into the stroller. Doona makes it simple for everyone. This rearward facing carseat will make your friends jealous. It also holds a baby up to thirty five pounds.

Doona also has Continue reading “An Infant Car Seat & Stroller in One? Say Whaaa?”

The LilleBaby Complete Carrier, Yes or No?

There are a ton of different baby carriers out there. I’m sure, as a parent, you’ve had at least one of these. Maybe you didn’t like it and I know there are those of you out there that can’t live without your carrier. Lucky for some of you that have found your favorite carrier but for those that are still looking the one for you and your little one, keep on reading. I’ve got a goodie for you.

Lillebaby is a brand pretty close to the Ergo baby carriers. I can appreciate a brand that keeps functionality as customer orient as a priority in their philosophy. I can also fall in love with a product that is useful for many things over a long period of time.

LilleBaby Carrier

The Lillebaby Complete Carrier is Continue reading “The LilleBaby Complete Carrier, Yes or No?”

Nordstrom 2016 Trend Show Honolulu, Hawaii Review

Nordstrom 2016 Trend Show Honolulu, Hawaii ReviewNordstrom Ala Moana Honolulu Hawaii – Trend Show May 9, 2016

Have you ever seen a child being told they were going to Disneyland? Do you notice how their eyes light up and the excitement start to build in their little bellies? Then when they finally go to Disneyland, they go crazy like a hot air balloon exploding! They don’t know what to do first and get overloaded with joy from the greatness that surrounds them. It’s a mad house. If it weren’t for the parents being there, physically holding down the fort, it would be like a bad Digital Wonderland Event with kids passed out on the ground and children that haven’t slept in days riding the same rides over and over and hyped up on soda and candy. This happened to us in Disney’s Aulani Hotel out in Ko Olina, Hawaii when we vacationed there for spring break. The kids went crazy and didn’t want to come out of the water.

This may be a huge exaggeration, but it’s pretty similar to the Nordstrom Trend Show event that’s held at Nordstrom in Ala Moana in Honolulu, Hawaii.

For most women, and some men Continue reading “Nordstrom 2016 Trend Show Honolulu, Hawaii Review”