Sony PlayStation 4 VR Review

If you don’t really want to bother reading this entire Sony PlayStation 4 VR Review, we can cut to the chase and tell you to just get it. If you can’t afford it, just start a pet service business (or something) to make some money and get it!

All you really need beforehand is a PS4, a DualShock 4 controller, and ample playing space of about 6 by 10 feet. The PS4 Pro is your best bet, though the original or the Slim version is fine too.

You have two bundles to choose from and the basic package includes the PS VR system along with headphones, a demo disc, and the necessary cables. Add about $100 more and you can get the preferred PS VR Launch Bundle, however. Not only do you get the PS Camera and 2 PS Move Motion controllers, but you also receive the terrific PlayStation VR Worlds.

So why get it? Here are our top reasons: 

  • It’s eminently affordable. The VR system itself isn’t expensive, and you no longer have to use a high-end PC gaming rig with pricy graphics cards. The built-in GPU of the PS4 works fine.
  • The performance specs compare with more expensive counterparts. This can handle 1080p games and offer 920 x RGB x 1080 OLED display measuring 5.7 inches. Depending on the game, the refresh rate is either 90Hz or even 120 Hz.

The response rate is also at about 18ms, which basically means that you won’t notice a lag in the virtual reality on the display.

All these specs are matched by others, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But the Sony VR is more affordable, and there’s another obvious advantage with Sony…

  • Sony is already an established game publisher. HTC and Oculus are both trying to develop a network with game makers, but Sony is already there since their earliest PlayStation days. That’s why Sony can assure customers that they’ll be able to choose among 50 games for the platform by the end of 2017.
  • It’s fantastic with the PS4 Pro. You already have 30 games to choose from and another 15 or so will be arriving within the year. Also, the extra processing power of the PS4 Pro can really make a difference in how good the VR looks.
  • The setup is very easy. You probably need about 15 minutes or so to get everything ready, and that’s it. It’s quite an easy process, especially when you compare it to the complex setup of the Vive.

While the headset is tethered, it shouldn’t be a problem because for the most part you’ll be playing either seated or standing in one spot.

  • The headset is actually comfy to wear. It’s surprising that other VR headsets don’t even seem to take this factor into account. The matte strap wraps around your head smoothly, and you can adjust it to suit your preferences. It’s nicely cushioned too.

Is it perfect? Far from it. You can’t really move around too much, it doesn’t block the light out perfectly, and you need to replace the VR earbuds with a decent pair of over-ear headphones.

But the gaming experience you get is nothing short of electrifying, and it’s also very affordable. It’s not surprising that just about every Sony PlayStation 4 VR Review have only praises for it.

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