Apple AirPods Review

My apologies for the delay in posts. I started a new job working for an Oahu t-shirt printing company (Plan B Printing). But, I’m back with another review! Hopefully I’ll make time to post more often. Enjoy!

In 2016, Apple announced the launch of 4 pairs of wireless headphones. These were in line with the company’s belief that wireless is better. Three of those headphones bore the Beats brand, which were all about style and not really about audio quality. But fans (and critics) were more interested in the AirPods. How good is it? Let’s find out in this Apple AirPods review.

Here are the most important bits of info you need to know about it:

  • The design is fantastic. The case itself is small, so it can fit in your pocket. It’s very white, so it’s easy to find in your bag. The earbuds are locked in magnetically so they won’t shake loose. The earbuds can last for 5 hours straight, and the case can recharge them fully in just 15 minutes or so.
  • It sounds great. This is one reason why audiophiles don’t care much for the Beats brand. It’s because that brand is dedicated to hip and coolness and not so much on sound quality. But it’s different with the AirPods.

This pair of earphones actually produces very good sound quality. According to Apple, there’s not much of a difference between the AirPods and the EarPods, but for the discerning it’s not really true. The AirPod sound seems much more dynamic, especially with the base.  Continue reading “Apple AirPods Review”