The LilleBaby Complete Carrier, Yes or No?

There are a ton of different baby carriers out there. I’m sure, as a parent, you’ve had at least one of these. Maybe you didn’t like it and I know there are those of you out there that can’t live without your carrier. Lucky for some of you that have found your favorite carrier but for those that are still looking the one for you and your little one, keep on reading. I’ve got a goodie for you.

Lillebaby is a brand pretty close to the Ergo baby carriers. I can appreciate a brand that keeps functionality as customer orient as a priority in their philosophy. I can also fall in love with a product that is useful for many things over a long period of time.

LilleBaby Carrier

The Lillebaby Complete Carrier ismade of one hundred precent cotton and breathable 3D mesh has six different carrying positions, for your newborn child, all the way until they are forty five pounds in weight. It comes fully equipped with a hood. This is perfect for breastfeeding mommies. Flip the hood loosely on and have you little now latch on. Keep right on with your day busy bee. ¬†Zippered pockets is always great. Forget the large purses. Bring the bare essentials and stick them in the pockets provided for you. Thats what they’re there for!

Lillebaby Positions

The support you get from the Lillebaby is what i’ve been waiting to go discuss. It’s a real life saver to find a baby carrier that can distribute weight evenly around a man or woman’s figure and make it feel comfortable. I’ve tried quite a few and I have to say the Lillebaby is probably the most comfortable. You’re supported all the way around, three hundred sixty degrees. The straps around you are very nice as well. You don’t get that fatigued ashiness with some other brands, straps. Lillebaby is designed very nicely, and with the parent in mind.

Now don’t think for a second they forgot about your precious bundle of joy. For one they have integrated a neck support for your baby. With its breathable mesh and cotton, you and your child can be comfortable and stylish. This is one huge reason why I stopped using carriers for a period of time and that was because it was way too hot. Sweaty, uncomfortableness was not¬†cute. Its machine washable too! Choose from many different styles, colors, and functions. Some are more simple and some have more things for the parents looking to use it for more uses and longer periods of time.

Lillebaby Toki Doki

Parents, if you’re looking to try a brand of baby carriers try Lillebaby. I would not recommend anything to you if I wouldn’t use it myself. This compares to the ergo, price wise, but I find Lillebaby to be a lot softer and way more comfortable. You can look them up and see for yourself. Have you got a Lillebaby carrier? Post your pictures in the comments. What are your thoughts on this carrier? Have something better in mind? Maybe I have yet to try it. Post all comments for me to see!

Is this Yes or a No? You decide.

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