The Big Baby Bottle Battle

For new mommies and very established mommies too, I’ve got a list that you can take into consideration or comment on whats been great for you. I’ve done some research for you and I have a few bottles I think is in this smackdown battle of bottle domination. This is the best of the best. This is taking other mommy reviews, the bottles bought, and of course its functionality and what makes it best for our little precious ones.

Dr Brown Bottles

First one up is Dr. Browns Bottles. They have a patented venting system specifically designed to keep air bubbles from being swallowed by your baby.  How this works is first the air enter the bottle collar and moves through the vent system.  Then the air moves through the the tubing and bypasses the milk and to the end of the bottle. This vent prevents the aeration of the milk inside the bottle, nipple collapse, and vacuum pressure. All while your baby feeds freely, happily, just like breastfeeding with no upset tummies.  What do you think about this contender?

Tommee TippeeWhat do you think about Tommee Tippee bottles? Here is another bottle thats been popular with the masses. If compared to the Dr. Brown Bottles these are very simple. Easy to clean, to assemble, and aren’t gonna leak on you like the Dr. Brown Bottles do occasionally.  Moms say their child can easily adjust to this bottle. They made this bottle to mimic that of a real breast. Have you tried Tommee Tippee bottles? How did your baby take to this?

Avent bottlesNext up is the AVENT brand bottles. These bottles features anti-colic valves in the bottle itself to push the air back into the bottle instead of your little one’s belly. This is also very easy to clean and assemble. The bottle nipples also makes it unique. On the nipple there is molded petal shapes. This is to increase the comfort of the nipple without it collapsing under the grasp of a hungry baby. This bottle is great for moms switching on and off of breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Now that we have our contenders, who do you see as our Rocky Balboa? Who is going to come out on top? Which bottle is the best bottle of them all? Or maybe I don’t have the best bottle here. You decide and leave your comments below. Parents, don’t withhold your thoughts or experiences, it will benefit us all.

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