An Infant Car Seat & Stroller in One? Say Whaaa?


Yes I did say stroller and car seat, in one. This was an excellent find for me and my family. I know there are parents out there looking for a less bulky way around town and the grocery store, etc. Ever heard of the Doona Car Seat and Stroller? The price is a little up there but it makes sense for a two in one item such as this. The quality of the Doona and what its made of also is a reason why the price is a little up there. It’s worth every penny to a busy parent.

The Doona was made to be easy for parents. With an easy push of a button unfold the car seat to a stroller. No more taking the car seat out and carrying it around. No more attaching the big car seat to a stroller. Forget about taking your baby out of the car seat into the stroller. Doona makes it simple for everyone. This rearward facing carseat will make your friends jealous. It also holds a baby up to thirty five pounds.

Doona also hasmany accessories and add ons for this wonderful contraption. They have an infant insert. It cradles your newborn so they feel nice and cozy in their new Doona carseat. Choose from many fashionable accessories such as the essentials bag. Small and compact just for the essentials. The All Day Bag are for those parents that go on adventures, stay out for long periods of time, and need more space for more stuff. The Snap On Storage Bag is mainly used for the stroller aspect of the Doona. They also have a Travel Back Pack for your Doona, great for the plane rides. Get a Rain Cover from Doona to keep your baby dry and happy. Its not only the rain you should be worried about. The sun can be harmful as well. Doona has an attachment for that called the Sunshade Extension. Keep your baby safe from dirty bugs with the Insect Net. Were you worried about your Vehicle’s seat getting dirty from the wheels of your carseat? Doona’s got you covered! They have a Vehicle Seat Protector for that too.

Doona is an infant car seat and stroller that I would use. Would you give it a try? If you already own one, what do you think about it and what can you tell the rest of the parents about it? Share what brand stroller and car seats you love.


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