Altwork Workstation Preview

Altwork Workstation Preview

For 15 years of my life I’ve worked in the kitchen as a preparation cook, line cook, manager, general manager, caterer, etc. Several years before that I worked for a roofing company. So I spent majority of the time on my feet throughout my careers. 8, 12, 15… 20 hours on my feet was a norm for me. There was no such thing as sitting down during my job. Only when I became a manager/general manager I stayed off my feet for a fraction of the day for meetings and paperwork.

After those 15 years, I killed my job and left my career in the restaurant industry and am currently working on building a online marketing business from home – which is doing quite well I must say. The transition from being on my feet for majority of the day to sitting on an office chair for 3-4 hours at a time is revealing. I now understand why there are office chairs that sell for $200 plus in the stores.

Having a good comfortable office chair that contours to you and supports your posture is very important, as I’m finding out. I have a $55 dollar imitation leather chair that I bought from Office Depot, and after having to work in that thing for hours on end, my butt hurts, back is aching, and my posture is suffering. There’s no lumbar support, the cushion is flattened out so it feels like I’m sitting on a plank of wood, slouching over is not sexy. Although, price doesn’t matter as much as getting the right chair.

I’ve been shopping all around both online and in stores for the perfect chair that will give me the utmost comfort and support so that I can work productively without feeling like I need a chiropractor. I’m taking this chair thing into heavy consideration. And in doing so, I came across what looks like the ultimate chair/workstation – it’s called the Altwork.

Altwork is redefining the office workstation by having created a mechanized adjustable chair and “desk” that allows you to set your preferred work position. It allows you to set up your station to work sitting down regularly, reclined, and even fully lying down and standing up!

Can’t fathom it? I’ll just have to show you:

They’re definitely selling me. Because sitting and slouching is a real problem, as I’m finding out. I can visualize it now. No more leaning back on my chair, putting my feet up on the desk and laptop on my lap just to get comfortable. No more need for stuffing a pillow behind my back for lumbar support. And no more shrugged shoulders when I walk.

The Altwork is pre-selling for $3900 for the standard models and $4900 to be able to customize the seat material, color, and other stylings. It’s a pretty penny, but it looks like it would be worth it.

Too bad I can’t try it our for myself and give you my own video review. But there are some lucky people that got to t their hands on it and try it out. I guess I’ll have to take their word for it:

I’m really considering it. What do you think about the Altwork workstation?


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