Hermes Apple Watch Replica

Hermes Apple Watch Replica

From my last post I’ve been asked how did I replicate the Hermes Edition Apple Watch.

Quite simple I found the “knockoff” Apple Watch Hermes band on Amazon. Well, it’s not marketed as a knockoff (I don’t think Amazon let’s you market, no less sell knockoffs) so that’s why I think people have a difficult time finding it.¬†On Amazon, they do sell the replicas of the different style bands Hermes offers which are the single tour, double tour, double tour long, and the cuff. I chose the classy cuff

The Hermes replica band is very nice actually. I’m sure the Hermes quality is way more superior, that’s given, but the replica looks quite similar and the leather has been holding up pretty well. I just love it.

Here’s comparison pictures of the real Hermes band and the replica band.

Hermes Cuff Band Apple WatchHermes Cuff Band Replica

Not too shabby huh? The only notable difference between the real Hermes Apple Watch and the replica is the Hermes branding on the backside of the watch and the exclusive Hermes watch face. Other than that, there’s not much noticeable difference. What is the noticeable difference is the price. For the official Hermes band itself, it’s $690 on the Hermes website. For the replica, it’s only $36.88 at the time of this post.

I honestly don’t think anyone that I know will ever care or notice that I have a knockoff Hermes Apple Watch. All I know is that it looks smooth!

So, for those who want to cop a band, you can get them on Amazon. You can click on the respective picture above to go directly to the bands for purchase.

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