Do You Really Need An Apple Watch?

Do You Really Need An Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch, I must say, is a pretty neat gadget. Its technology is pretty mind-blowing for a small little gadget of a watch.

Now, I’m not going to go into the specifics of describing the watch’s tech, specs, styles, and features. There are tons of resources, blogs, and YouTube videos on that. But I do want to touch on the question that may tip your decision of whether or not you should get an Apple Watch.

I wanted an Apple Watch before I received it as a gift from my other half for Christmas. She knew that I was contemplating on getting it. I wanted it, but I was on the fence on whether I would need it. I’m a watch guy. I like to collect them and rock each of ’em for various situations, circumstances, and events. It’s the appreciation of the time piece that I like. A nice Rolex (although I don’t have one yet) will catch my eye and I will envy to get one. I guess, for me, the watch is a reflection of character. This was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to get an Apple Watch. It’s modern, whereas I’m more into the “classy” stuff.

Other reasons why I didn’t want to get an Apple Watch:

  • The technology is always evolving and the watch will be outdone by future models and I would have to purchase the newer models to have the latest upgrade in technology. The iPhones are an example of this.
  • I felt I wouldn’t have much use for it.
  • It wouldn’t look good on me.

The reasons that I wanted it was:

  • To increase productivity.
  • For efficiency in receiving messages and notifications.
  • To eliminate looking at my phone so often.
  • It’s a “hands-free” solution while driving.
  • It looks cool.
  • It’s a conversation piece.

Ultimately, I initially didn’t jump at the chance to purchase the Apple Watch myself because I felt that I didn’t need it. I felt that it was not going to fulfill my top 3 reasons why I wanted the watch.

When I received my Apple Watch as a gift, my girlfriend got my the space gray color way. It was nice, but I wanted to replicate the Hermes Apple Watch edition to get that “classy” look (my style). So I ended up exchanging it for the silver color way and I purchased a look-a-like Hermes band from Amazon. It was just as nice.

It looked very nice and fashionable on me so I’m happy with that. Initially, using the watch kept me from having to look at my phone every time to check on notifications, emails, and what not. But, over time, I drifted back to the same habit of checking my phone often anyway. It’s because I refresh my email to see if I received anything. I do have my email set to ‘fetch’ and I am able to refresh the email feed from the watch, but sometimes the watch lags and takes a while to refresh. So, I sometimes tend to just check things on my phone. That eliminates the reason for efficiency and looking at my phone so often.

Also, some applications are not functional on the Apple Watch. For instance, you can’t control your Rhapsody music from the watch. So I still have to go into my phone to control my music on Rhapsody.

It is very useful while driving though. With its built in speaker and microphone, “hands free” phone calls and text message quick replies are a breeze.

It sure is a conversation piece as people ask me the same question I’m about to answer, “Do you need an Apple Watch?”.

No, you don’t really need it. It’s basically just an extension of your iPhone. If you are going to always be on your iPhone anyway, I recommend not getting the watch. I can see it being more helpful if you keep your iPhone in your bag, briefcase, or purse (woman), the watch will be a bit more helpful. Or if you are on the road for a good portion of your time it may be more of a use to you. But as for me, I keep my iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket wherever I go, so it kind of dilutes the purpose of the watch.

It’s a great piece though and I am very thankful for my girlfriend in getting it for me. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the watch myself. In fact, my Gucci backpack is way more useful and I will probably use it for the rest of my life!

Then again, who needs a $12,000 Rolex either?

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