Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

In this modern day and age, mobile phones have become a necessity as they are the perfect tool to enable us to stay connected with others. Consumers also find it necessary for the phone to have great features to maximize its capabilities and to enhance mobile phone experience. That is why, when new models are released, people are always eager to find out more information. And now, as one of the leading phone manufacturers is set to release a new phone model, you might find this Samsung Galaxy S8 review helpful and informative.

“Awesome phone! We bought 10 of them for our mobile auto repair business. It’s very user friendly and has everything we need to run a bit more efficient.” – Chad C.,

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new flagship phone model of the multinational conglomerate. With the disastrous battery of the Note 7, the S8 is expected to be Samsung’s redemption and its only chance to regaining its title as the top Android brand in the world.

When it comes to the design, Samsung Galaxy 8 can definitely be considered as one of the most beautiful and polished phones so far. It is tall and narrow, and just fits snugly in a normal sized palm.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 Review”

Sony PlayStation 4 VR Review

If you don’t really want to bother reading this entire Sony PlayStation 4 VR Review, we can cut to the chase and tell you to just get it. If you can’t afford it, just start a pet service business (or something) to make some money and get it!

All you really need beforehand is a PS4, a DualShock 4 controller, and ample playing space of about 6 by 10 feet. The PS4 Pro is your best bet, though the original or the Slim version is fine too.

You have two bundles to choose from and the basic package includes the PS VR system along with headphones, a demo disc, and the necessary cables. Add about $100 more and you can get the preferred PS VR Launch Bundle, however. Not only do you get the PS Camera and 2 PS Move Motion controllers, but you also receive the terrific PlayStation VR Worlds.

So why get it? Here are our top reasons:  Continue reading “Sony PlayStation 4 VR Review”

Altwork Station Review: When is a Worktable not a Worktable?

This is a follow up post to my Altwork Station Preview that I posted a while back.

Most office work these days tend to involve a desk, a PC, and a chair. Despite the various advancements in ergonomics, not all work desks are comfortable. But then again, there’s always Altwork. It’s so different that just about every Altwork Station review raves about it.

It’s not really a matter of whether the Altwork is effective. It IS. The main objection, right now, is that it is rather expensive. It starts at about $4,000 and with customization options the cost can go up to $6,000. Still, if you get it as a gift (from someone who loves you a lot) then you’ll probably be thrilled to put it in your office.

Here are the highlights: Continue reading “Altwork Station Review: When is a Worktable not a Worktable?”

Apple AirPods Review

My apologies for the delay in posts. I started a new job working for an Oahu t-shirt printing company (Plan B Printing). But, I’m back with another review! Hopefully I’ll make time to post more often. Enjoy!

In 2016, Apple announced the launch of 4 pairs of wireless headphones. These were in line with the company’s belief that wireless is better. Three of those headphones bore the Beats brand, which were all about style and not really about audio quality. But fans (and critics) were more interested in the AirPods. How good is it? Let’s find out in this Apple AirPods review.

Here are the most important bits of info you need to know about it:

  • The design is fantastic. The case itself is small, so it can fit in your pocket. It’s very white, so it’s easy to find in your bag. The earbuds are locked in magnetically so they won’t shake loose. The earbuds can last for 5 hours straight, and the case can recharge them fully in just 15 minutes or so.
  • It sounds great. This is one reason why audiophiles don’t care much for the Beats brand. It’s because that brand is dedicated to hip and coolness and not so much on sound quality. But it’s different with the AirPods.

This pair of earphones actually produces very good sound quality. According to Apple, there’s not much of a difference between the AirPods and the EarPods, but for the discerning it’s not really true. The AirPod sound seems much more dynamic, especially with the base.  Continue reading “Apple AirPods Review”

The Big Baby Bottle Battle

For new mommies and very established mommies too, I’ve got a list that you can take into consideration or comment on whats been great for you. I’ve done some research for you and I have a few bottles I think is in this smackdown battle of bottle domination. This is the best of the best. This is taking other mommy reviews, the bottles bought, and of course its functionality and what makes it best for our little precious ones.

Dr Brown Bottles

First one up is Dr. Browns Bottles. They have a patented venting system specifically designed to keep air bubbles from being swallowed by your baby.  How this works is first the air enter the bottle collar and moves through the vent system.  Then the air moves through the the tubing and bypasses the milk and to the end of the bottle. This vent prevents the aeration of the milk inside the bottle, nipple collapse, and vacuum pressure. All while your baby feeds freely, happily, just like breastfeeding with no upset tummies.  What do you think about this contender? Continue reading “The Big Baby Bottle Battle”

An Infant Car Seat & Stroller in One? Say Whaaa?


Yes I did say stroller and car seat, in one. This was an excellent find for me and my family. I know there are parents out there looking for a less bulky way around town and the grocery store, etc. Ever heard of the Doona Car Seat and Stroller? The price is a little up there but it makes sense for a two in one item such as this. The quality of the Doona and what its made of also is a reason why the price is a little up there. It’s worth every penny to a busy parent.

The Doona was made to be easy for parents. With an easy push of a button unfold the car seat to a stroller. No more taking the car seat out and carrying it around. No more attaching the big car seat to a stroller. Forget about taking your baby out of the car seat into the stroller. Doona makes it simple for everyone. This rearward facing carseat will make your friends jealous. It also holds a baby up to thirty five pounds.

Doona also has Continue reading “An Infant Car Seat & Stroller in One? Say Whaaa?”

The LilleBaby Complete Carrier, Yes or No?

There are a ton of different baby carriers out there. I’m sure, as a parent, you’ve had at least one of these. Maybe you didn’t like it and I know there are those of you out there that can’t live without your carrier. Lucky for some of you that have found your favorite carrier but for those that are still looking the one for you and your little one, keep on reading. I’ve got a goodie for you.

Lillebaby is a brand pretty close to the Ergo baby carriers. I can appreciate a brand that keeps functionality as customer orient as a priority in their philosophy. I can also fall in love with a product that is useful for many things over a long period of time.

LilleBaby Carrier

The Lillebaby Complete Carrier is Continue reading “The LilleBaby Complete Carrier, Yes or No?”

Learn How To Use The Yeti USB Microphone

Learn How To Use The Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Here’s my general tech advice: Before judging your tech devices, learn how to use it properly first.

I purchased a blue microphone Yeti USB Microphone from Amazon because I do a lot of voice over screencasts and I wanted a quality microphone that gave me that “radio voice”. Not that I have a radio voice but I wanted a mic that records a clear sound that eliminated background noise and the muffled sounding audio that my stock Mac microphone or the Apple earbud headset provided.

So, I purchased the Yeti USB microphone because of the positive 4 1/2 average star review and doing some of my own due diligence about the product. It seemed promising.

Once I received the Yeti within a week, I hooked it up immediately and got to work recording my screencasts. The set up was super easy as it is literally a “plug-and-play” device. No special software was needed. It just worked with the software that I already use which is Screencast-o-matic. Just plug it into the USB port with the provided wire and GO! Well, at least that’s what I thought.

After recording a video for a business prospect of mine, I was excited to hear my awesome “radio voice” (ha!) on the screencast. But to no avail, it sounded like crap! It literally sounded worse than my stock Mac mic or the Apple headset.

I played around with the dials that are on the Yeti and re-recorded the video. Still. I swear I re-recorded the video several times. I was turned off by the punchy “p” sounds, and harsh “t’s”. In the recording I could hear everything from my chair squeaking to the fan blowing in the background. I was pretty disgusted and disappointed with the mic.

I guess that’s where I was ignorant. After doing some research I learned my lesson. I searched for “how to use the Yeti USB Microphone” on YouTube and got schooled. To get that desired “radio voice”, the microphone needs to be used and set up to the proper settings. DUH Bee! I know, I know… Here’s what I missed:

How To Use A Yeti Microphone Properly

THE 4 MIC RECORDING MODES Continue reading “Learn How To Use The Yeti USB Microphone”

Altwork Workstation Preview

Altwork Workstation Preview

For 15 years of my life I’ve worked in the kitchen as a preparation cook, line cook, manager, general manager, caterer, etc. Several years before that I worked for a roofing company. So I spent majority of the time on my feet throughout my careers. 8, 12, 15… 20 hours on my feet was a norm for me. There was no such thing as sitting down during my job. Only when I became a manager/general manager I stayed off my feet for a fraction of the day for meetings and paperwork.

After those 15 years, I killed my job and left my career in the restaurant industry and am currently working on building a online marketing business from home – which is doing quite well I must say. The transition from being on my feet for majority of the day to sitting on an office chair for 3-4 hours at a time is revealing. I now understand why there are office chairs that sell for $200 plus in the stores. Continue reading “Altwork Workstation Preview”

Hermes Apple Watch Replica

Hermes Apple Watch Replica

From my last post I’ve been asked how did I replicate the Hermes Edition Apple Watch.

Quite simple I found the “knockoff” Apple Watch Hermes band on Amazon. Well, it’s not marketed as a knockoff (I don’t think Amazon let’s you market, no less sell knockoffs) so that’s why I think people have a difficult time finding it. On Amazon, they do sell the replicas of the different style bands Hermes offers which are the single tour, double tour, double tour long, and the cuff. I chose the classy cuff

The Hermes replica band is very nice actually. I’m sure the Hermes quality is way more superior, that’s given, but the replica looks quite similar and the leather has been holding up pretty well. I just love it.

Here’s comparison pictures of the real Hermes band and the replica band. Continue reading “Hermes Apple Watch Replica”